Sunday, February 20, 2011


While working on my online portfolio last week I was doing a lot of looking around at other portfolios on carbonmade, the webcite I designed my portfolio with. I came across one portfolio of work done by the company VERDEVERTICAL. I went through every picture on their cite I was so inspired by it. Verdevertical is a factory in Mexico that specializes in vertical gardens! This company aims to create vertical gardens, or living walls, to provide the public the opportunity to be in contact with nature as much as possible.

 “Taking into account that the loss of green areas in the cities is a practically irreversible process, VERDEVERTICAL proposes to improve the environment, the quality of life and the urban landscape, through coating of nature in the constructed vertical surfaces” (found in the portfolio for the company)

Their goal is for their product to make an impact on “us”, the inhabitants of space, and that we will seek and desire to have more of our spaces designed with the services they are specialized in. Honestly everyone loves when winter ends, the sun begins to feel warm on our skin, and the grass and trees become green again.  Seeing plants and nature is symbolic of life and new growth and very energizing to the human spirit. Spring is the time that everyone seems to come alive again going about with a little more pep in their step. Imagine how it would be to have nature full and luscious in the middle of the city, no more having to leave for the country to find it. The idea of having more and more green space around us whether it is on the ground of the earth, the wall of a restaurant, or the roof of a building is inspiring!  
All of their pictures were copyrighted so I was unable to show anymore than what I did on my blog, but I highly encourage you to check out their portfolio at: And get inspired!

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