Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Time = School is OUT and Internship!

I am one week away from being done with classes and then one week of finals! I am so close I can taste it, and its sweet. After a semester full of new experiences such as: putting together a polished resume that is for more than a waitress hosstess position (my first job), designing my portfolio to include both my architecture studio work and my interior design work, and job hunting for an internship! I worked so hard on each of these is hopes that it would lead to landing a summer internship not only an internship, but my dream internship at a firm in Dallas.

After some interviews I was offered a postion with Duncan Miller Ullmann in Dallas, TX which I happily accepted! So...this summer I will be working in an interior architecture firm which is exactly what I want to do after school!

I have nearly a month before I leave for Dallas but as school draws near to a finish the more my level of excitement goes up! I cant wait to work on real projects and especially the hospitaltiy projects, which are my favorite.

Here are a few of their projects!

Blue Frog | Macau, China | Dining

Zhouzhuang Resort | Zhouzhuang, China | Night Club

Hotel Zaza | Houstn, Texas | Lobby

10 things…ON THE WALL

...paint on the wall
We love painting walls, it helps make rooms in our homes different from one another and display our character. Solid walls of color can be great for accenting one wall over another or to just make an entire room more vibrant.

…stripes of paint on the wall
This is a nice alternative to plain walls. You had can add a little bit of pattern and excitement to the room or a lot!...depending on how big the strips are and how many you do.

…paper on the wall
Wall paper is wonderful to add pattern to a room! You can have wild and crazy patterns, or very soft and elegant. Even newspaper can be used on the walls like a wall paper!

…fabric boards on the wall
Fabric boards are my favorite to display pictures and drawings! I have multiple fabric boards in my room where I can easily change out pictures. Just choose a fabric that matches the scheme of the room and select a ribbon or two that coordinate with the fabic and wrap them around a stretcher from hobby lobby…so easy to make!

…chalkboard paint on the wall
Chalkboard paint I think is wonderful for children’s rooms and perhaps a cafĂ© where daily features change. For the childrens room they can draw on the wall which is what ever kid naturally wants to do, so why not allow them to in a way that also seconds as a wall treatment.

…frames on the wall
Frames on the wall allows beautiful photographs to be a focal point of a room. Many families take pride in photographs of trips and children and such therefore why not show them off as part of the design of the room! Frames can be coordinating or mixed matched, in a row or scattered, they look great any way!

…tiles on the wall
Tiles are usually thought of as square and sometimes as boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Tiles can be all shapes and colors, and the unique thing is you can mix and matched to make beautiful designs…and they design is unique displaying your own taste and character

Did you realize there were so many beautiful ways to treat walls!