Sunday, January 30, 2011

punch of plum

The use of purples and plums in interiors has been on the rise! This color is rich like the favored color red but more flexible in its application. Red is a color of excitement that often raises the heart beat and triggers the want to eat, something that designers have to be careful about. With the right shade or tone of plum one can use this wonderful color in any setting.
This rich color can find its way into a space as formal as an elegant dining room at Moxie’s Classic Grill.

Or as tranquil as these bedrooms.  The simple use of the color as an accent.  Use for accent wall is dramatic and exciting, yet doing the entire room would be to dark and makes the space feel small.

Warm and relaxing, used with the right colors can be very contemporary especially shades of gray like in this living room.
 Also edgy and modern like in these kitchens.
Four years ago was the first time I remember experiencing the plum color when we moved into a new house and my mother used plum for the color of an accent wall! My whole family was in shock about the use of such a dramatic color and very unsure of how to feel about it, but my mother would say “trust me I know what I’m doing.”  A few years later I came to really like the design of this wall.
How do you feel about the color plum? Do you have plum in your office or home now?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Lights of Music!

Last night I had the pleasure of going to the Jason Aldean concert featuring the Jane Deer girls and Eric Church.  I love country music therefore was very excited about it.  If you’re not a fan of country you still might be interested in what caught my eye during the show, an aspect of design that I haven’t paid much attention to before.  As the concert progressed the show got more and more exciting. The music began with the Jane Deer girls, and then Eric church was really fun and got all of the super country guys riled up and excited.  And then with Jason Aldean the show had a change of pace from really “hick” country to a production. By this time everyone was completely enthralled with the show and singing along. Everything was in full swing! Lights! The lights and smoke were dramatic yet in perfect rhythm with the music. This amazed me!
Lighting is one aspect of design that I am most interested in, creating a mood or atmosphere for the setting. I also have a passion for music and the talent of those who play the instruments. With that said I have been to rock concerts before where the lights and smoke were dramatic, fast, and exciting, but I have never noticed or taken the time to pay attention to how they conduct the light show.  At least at the concert last night while I was recording a few of the songs I really noticed that the lights flashed and moved along to the beats and feel of the song.  After I had realized this I felt more connected to the show, I appreciated how the smaller details were taken into consideration to make the experience of the show more enjoyable to the customer.
I wanted to post one of the videos for you to watch; even if you don’t like country music you can watch the lighting and see how design can play a role in this career field. Toward the end of this video is the most dramatic part of the lighting and production, see if you can catch on to how the lights and rhythm are in sync.  Please excuse how much the camera is moving, I too was enjoying the show and got caught up dancing and moving to the music as well.

Here is the link: