Sunday, January 30, 2011

punch of plum

The use of purples and plums in interiors has been on the rise! This color is rich like the favored color red but more flexible in its application. Red is a color of excitement that often raises the heart beat and triggers the want to eat, something that designers have to be careful about. With the right shade or tone of plum one can use this wonderful color in any setting.
This rich color can find its way into a space as formal as an elegant dining room at Moxie’s Classic Grill.

Or as tranquil as these bedrooms.  The simple use of the color as an accent.  Use for accent wall is dramatic and exciting, yet doing the entire room would be to dark and makes the space feel small.

Warm and relaxing, used with the right colors can be very contemporary especially shades of gray like in this living room.
 Also edgy and modern like in these kitchens.
Four years ago was the first time I remember experiencing the plum color when we moved into a new house and my mother used plum for the color of an accent wall! My whole family was in shock about the use of such a dramatic color and very unsure of how to feel about it, but my mother would say “trust me I know what I’m doing.”  A few years later I came to really like the design of this wall.
How do you feel about the color plum? Do you have plum in your office or home now?


  1. I actually LOVE the color plum as an accent color. You can do so much with it!

  2. I love this color as well! I'm actually going to use it in my guest room :) (It's the only place my fiance will let me).